Cardio is Stupid and You Don’t Need to Do It

Okay, it’s time to get real.

“Cardio” is probably one of the most popular buzz words in the fitness industry, but do you really understand what it means? Do you really think about your goals when doing cardio?

Probably not.

In this week’s episode of the GMB Fitness Skills podcast, Andy and Ryan will break down all the misconceptions and popular notions about cardio – and why GMB doesn’t tend to make a big deal about cardio in general.

So get your ears on and listen up – this is one you don’t want to miss!

In this episode we’ll talk about..

(1:23) Finally, Ryan tells us all why the heck he’s been in Japan for so long.(4:48) Seriously, is Ryan in any way related to Nicolas Cage? (You’d be shocked how many times a day we get this question)(6:20) Thank you to Victor for your incredibly generous review!(6:40) Parallettes One is a great place to start with GMB (though where you start is really dependent on your particular needs)(7:00) Ryan’s new stationary bike (just kidding!)(7:42) GMB’s newest “cardio” program: Climbing Coconut Trees One(8:44) The real truth about cardio(11:40) “People seem to look at their physical fitness training as something that is designed to make up for their other personal failings.”(12:47) Please stop assuming the things you hate are all good for you and the things you love are all evil.(14:05) Breaking news: Cardiovascular health is a real thing. It’s really important. You just might not be doing the best things to support it.(15:18) What Ryan does for “cardio”(16:37) “If you feel like you have to add a certain type of training to make up for your habits, wouldn’t it just make more sense to improve your habits?”(18:00) We have a lot of free stuff – including over 200 blog posts and over 200 YouTube videos(19:23) In addition to the blog and YouTube, we have 3 completely free programs to help you get started: 1. Our basic handstand guide; 2. Our basic gymnastic ring training guide; and 3. Our basic parallettes training guide.(23:00) When you’re ready for the next level of work, you can check out our paid programs and see if they’re right for you.(25:44) An important point about our popular handstand tutorial on YouTube.

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