Training for Recognition vs. What Really Matters

When Ryan got the one arm handstand earlier this year, he got all sorts of congratulatory messages from impressed onlookers. And while the applause was nice, it’s certainly not why he went through the process of training for the OAHS.

You might be enticed by the glory of nailing impressive skills, but think about what your training is really for.

Is it for impressing others, or is it for furthering your own desires and goals?

In this episode of the GMB Fitness Skills podcast, Ryan and Andy will cure you of any ego-driven training decisions.

(02:00) Ryan’s been coaching a small group of people on the press to handstand.(04:40) Anytime you’re working on a “higher level” skill, it should include work on the basics as well.(10:25) It’s not about “You got it!” It’s about the process and doing the work.(11:30) What it takes to be a GMB trainer.(17:48) Ryan doesn’t always post his best attempts, and there’s a good reason for that.(18:24) You’re never done!(20:25) You’re the only one who can say if your training is successful.(23:25) Training teaches you what you can and can’t do. And what you do should be to support what you want to do.

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