GMB Elements vs. Animal Flow

When we introduced our program, Elements, several years ago, one of the most common questions we began receiving was: “How is Elements different from Animal Flow?”

Animal Flow is a program developed by our good friend Mike Fitch from Global Bodyweight Training, and on the surface, it may look very similar to Elements. After all, they’re both programs that focus on locomotive exercises and they both feature good looking guys ;).

In all seriousness, while the programs may look similar at first glance, they’re actually quite different (although they do complement each other well).

Here are Ryan and Mike talking about the differences and similarities between the programs:

Since we first posted this, Mike and his team have significantly improved the actual Animal Flow product, so many details here are out of date. We’ll be updating this soon, but our unreserved recommendation remains unchanged, and if you keep reading, you’ll understand why.

Let’s look at some key aspects to compare:

GMB’s Elements GBT’s Animal Flow
Type Movement Based Movement Based
Delivery System • Online streaming
• Downloads available
• Online streaming
Cost $95 • $59.95 for DVD
• $49.95 for online streaming
Client Support • Email
• Alpha Posse member forum (paid)
• Facebook group
Audience Beginner Beginner
Format Step-by-step daily program (8 weeks) Instructional (no specific programming length)
Plan Programmed each day for the length of the program Create your own exercise routine from the instructional videos

Animal Flow emphasizes 3 contralateral movements–Ape, Beast, and Crab–with a total of 26 exercises stemming from those. It’s taught as a series of movements that can be chained together. The videos provide good cueing of the exercise technique, and give a good basis for creating your own program. We highly recommend Animal Flow as a complement to your movement practice.

Elements also emphasizes 4 primary locomotive movements, but it’s designed as an ongoing program with day-by-day instruction. The Animal Flow team often recommends Elements as a starting point for locomotive training.

While the programs share certain similarities, the goal of each is quite different.

If you’re looking for a program you can follow, with an end point, Elements is a great introduction to movement training and will give you a foundation of strength, flexibility, and motor control.If you’re looking to take your practice further and create your own movement flows, Animal Flow gives you the tools to do so.

As Ryan and Mike explained above, the programs complement each other well, and you can practice them alongside one another, one after the other, or you can cycle through them as needed.

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