Q&A-Hole: Not the Answers You Were Looking For

On any given day, we get dozens if not hundreds of questions on our YouTube videos, social posts, and via email. And we enjoy answering them because we never want you to get stuck or give up.

Most of our answers have carry-over to whatever situation you find yourself in, so we thought we’d share the love.

In this episode, Ryan and Andy answer a handful of commonly asked questions. Some of these are about advanced skills and others are about how or where to begin. So whether you’ve been sitting on the sofa for the last decade or are working on your Bruce Lee kip up, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Parameters

Topic: Answers to Your (commonly asked) QuestionsRant Factor: ❓💁🏽 💌 🕳️ Practicality: 😶‍🌫️ 🎯💪🏽

Episode Hosts: Andy & Ryan

What It’s About

All the answers to all the fitnessing questions you’ve ever had. Well, we only cover 5 here, but they likely pertain to YOU, TOO.

👇 Scroll down for the full show notes, links, and rants 👇

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