What the Hell is Good Form? Does it Matter?

Choosing a training program means making a commitment – and it’s not always easy.

In this episode, we tackled a lot of the questions people ask us about programming and following GMB programs. Things like workout duration, how much rest you really need on your rest days, and more.

Of course, the best thing to do is simply to make a decision to follow the program – you learn more from doing than you ever could from thinking about the best way to eventually do someday.

So get’yer ears on and listen up!

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A few of the topics covered:

What you should (and should not) be doing on your rest daysHow long training sessions should lastWhat does “good form” really mean?Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop kipping. Just stop.Knowing when you’re ready for Level Two programs

Links we discussed:

Examine.com’s kick-ass supplement infoChrome FitLifehacker article on practiceArmless archer at the Paralympics

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