Overcoming Tendonitis with Steven Low

Have you ever felt limited by joint pain? The truth is, very few of us haven’t experienced injury, stiffness, or pain in our joints. And unfortunately, many of us are given diagnoses like ‘tendonitis’ without any promise of recovery.

In this episode, we chat with Steven Low, author of Overcoming Gravity, Overcoming Poor Posture, and now Overcoming Tendonitis, about how to overcome tendonitis and tendinopathy based on the latest research and his own clinical experience.

We answer questions you all brought up, including:

how a pain ‘habit’ can be the biggest inhibitor to recoveryhow to address a longstanding elbow tendonitishow to adjust or modulate your activity levelshow to know when you can start working out and doing stuff againthe efficacy of diet and supplements

Whatever damage you were told you have, Steven shares how you can recover from tendonitis with patience and a well directed program.

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Resources Mentioned:

Steven Low’s Site Steven’s Article on Overcoming TendonitisThe Book: Overcoming TendonitisOur Review of Steven’s Book Overcoming GravityOvercoming Poor Posture, co-written with Jarlo

Transcript for Overcoming Tendonitis

Jarlo: Hey everyone. I’m Jarlo Ilano, one of the co-founders for GMB Fitness. Welcome to the GMB Fitness Podcast. I have here as a guest, and one of my friends… We did work together a few years ago, Steven Low. He is a physical therapist out… Where are you again?

Steven: I was in Maryland, but now I’m out in California at the moment.

Jarlo: See, that’s right. I knew you moved but I forgot where. So, this is Steven Low, everybody.

Steven: I’m glad to be here. I think I’ve done one before, but yeah, it’s good to be back.

Jarlo: Yeah, I think it had been a while.

Introducing Steven Low

Jarlo: So, if you don’t know too much about Steven, we’re going to have him introduce a little bit of his background. But he’s pretty well known in the body weight exercise community. How long ago was this? About like 10-15 years ago, you were doing a lot of body weight fitness stuff before you went to therapy school, and then came your first book, Overcoming Gravity, which was very well received, and still very well received and popular in the second ed

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