Rule #1 (Don’t Die)

Martial art has its history in combat, so as a company founded by three martial artists, Rule #1 (Don’t Die) is fundamental to GMB.

If you die, you don’t get to do anything else. It’s over. That’s the end.

It might sound dramatic but self-preservation is key to making any kind of progress. While this seems like a fairly basic and obvious fact, it is one that often falls to the wayside when we start taking on new challenges.

In this episode, we talk about how everything comes with a trade-off and how to assess your training in order to not make irreversible decisions.

Basic Parameters

Topic: How to Not Die (today, anyway)Rant Factor: 🤬🤦🏼🧠Practicality: 🙅🤕⚖️💪

Episode Hosts: Andy & Ryan

What It’s About

Recognizing and avoiding high-risk activities with low reversibility so you can confidently and effectively push your limits.

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