This is why you MUST learn to embrace boredom in your training

“It’s time to make the Donuts.”

In a few recent polls, we found that about half of you say you move on from a training program when it gets boring.

Given that repetition is basically requisite to any physical training, we thought we’d tackle this topic and vouch for the grind of donut making.

Boredom is part of the process. Whether you learn to get interested in the details or just accept the repetition and cruise through it, sexy results come from unsexy efforts. As do delicious donuts.

Basic Parameters

Topic: Why Boredom is Actually InterestingRant Factor: 🧐🤓 Practicality: 🥱🤔🚦

Episode Hosts: Andy & Jarlo

What It’s About

While we won’t lie and say training can be endlessly entertaining, learning to engage with what you are doing will always help.

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