Minimize Training While Maximizing Gains with Philip Chubb

Chances are if you like what we do at GMB, you don’t want to spend hours each day working out. Like us, you want to focus on the essentials in order to help you better enjoy the things you love to to do like practicing your martial arts and being active with your families.

In this episode, we were happy to be able to chat with Philip Chubb, otherwise known as the Mindful Mover, in which we discuss how to minimize the time you spend training while maximizing the range of gains you make.

This is not just the cliché of “less is more,” but practical things everyone can apply to their training to get a life beyond the gym.

Basic Parameters

Topic: Do Less, Work Smarter, Have a LifeRant Factor: 😰🤨🤔🤸Fitness-ness: ⏰🧠💪👪

Episode Host: Ryan + Guest Philip

What It’s About

How to do less reps of fewer exercises once a week and still get everything you want (including a life)

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Key Points: Do Less, Work Smarter, Have a Life

Do Fewer Exercises: We are mortal and have limited time, do exercises that have carry over to other onesDo Less Reps Less Often: Learn how to use Accommodating Resistance to maximize every movement Stop Over-training: Training injuries aren’t worth it, find the minimum effective dose Cardio: Sprint drop sets are miserable but you only have to do them once a weekGet a Life: Training is fun but it shouldn’t be everythingResources: Links to everything mentioned in the podcastThe Future: Help us decide which episodes to record next


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