Muscle Imbalances Won’t Kill You (True Story)

We’ve all got imbalances – muscular imbalances; work/life imbalances; hell, we’ve probably all got some mental imbalances too.

And in 99.9% of cases, those imbalances don’t kill us.

So why do we think an “imbalanced” training program will?

Andy and Ryan are gonna drop the hammer on why you should quit worrying about having a balanced training program.

So get’yer ears on.

(02:27) Does Ryan still practice martial arts?(05:50) Why the hell can’t Ryan get a decent haircut?(08:38) Creating a balanced training program.(12:00) PSA: Your warm-up does not need to – and shouldn’t! – take you an hour!(14:00) Doing one move only for a short period of time will not kill you – promise!(15:03) GMB’s cycle principle. (17:56) “Cycling is everything… We’re always cycling back and forth between different things.” It’s a fact of life.(21:00) Don’t let fear of inadequacy get in your way.(22:50) Speaking of pecs… (there’s a segue if I ever heard one!)(23:20) The truth about DOMS(24:54) “Are the skills improving and are you enjoying the results?” – That’s what really matters.

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