Training Injuries and Our Recovery Strategies

Should I train if I have an injury? It hurts when I (fill in the blank). Should I keep doing that?Do you think I pulled a muscle?

If you’re guilty of posting any questions like these on our Facebook page or YouTube videos, for the love of God, please stop!

If you have a training injury, or any injury for that matter, your first point of reference should be a doctor or other medical professional.

Once you’ve consulted with your doctor, there ARE certain rules of thumb for training around an injury, and that’s a big part of what Ryan and Andy cover in this episode of the GMB Fitness Skills podcast.

So get’yer ears on and listen up.

What you’ll hear about in this episode

(0:56) Why flip flops are the best rain gear(1:53) The new, positive face of GMB(2:33) Thank you to AQP72 for his/her great review of the podcast(3:35) Best practices for training with an injury(5:32) How Ryan came back from his injuries(7:00) Why you should work around, rather than through pain(10:40) What you really need to do when you have an injury (hint: don’t be stupid)(11:26) The obligatory Andy rant – no GMB podcast would be complete without one!(12:30) Active vs. passive recovery(14:30) What Andy reads on passive recovery days(16:30) Ryan’s “body worker”(18:50) The GMB philosophy on supplementation(22:52) “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”(28:00) The ‘high leverage’ supplements you should probably be taking(29:23) GMB’s new mascot

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