Why You Should Stop Pretending You’re an Athlete

Nike says that “if you have a body, you’re an athlete.” That’s BS, and it can lead to poor decisions and wasted energy that don’t benefit you.

Of course, you may be an athlete. We’ve worked with clients competing at all levels in just about any sport or activity you can name. But the vast majority of people we work with are definitely _not_ athletes.

What does that mean? Are we saying they’re not good enough? Serious enough?

No. Simply that their lives don’t revolve around their training.

This episode talks about the choice to become and athlete – and the choice not to. The latter gives you freedom to make different choices and to enjoy your practice in the best way for you.

Basic Parameters

Topic: How 99% of Us Aren’t Athletes (which is a good thing)Rant Factor: 🤬🤨🤐Practicality: 🏋️ 🚵‍♀️🧁🎯🤘

Episode Hosts: Andy & Ryan

What It’s About

Why choosing NOT to call yourself an athlete frees you up to enjoy what you do.

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